"Godhet utan vishet och utan
gränser är bara en annan
form av ondska."
(John Paterson)

"Det är synd att 99% av
journalisterna skall fördärva
förtroendet för en hel yrkeskår"

"Ormar äro älskliga varelser,
om man råkar tillhöra samma
(Artur Lundkvist)

"När försiktigheten finns överallt,
finns modet ingenstans."
(den belgiske kardinalen Mercier)

"Den som gifter sig med
tidsandan blir snabbt änka."

"Civiliserade är de kulturer
och individer som respekterar
(Hört på Axesskanalen)

"Det tragiska med vanligt
sunt förnuft är att det
inte är så vanligt."
(Albert Einstein)

"Halv kristendom tolereras
men föraktas.
Hel kristendom respekteras
men förföljs."

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Two Amateur Physicists: Can you tell them apart?

The table below is a comparison of the introductions to Ove Tedenstig's book "Matter Unified" and Olof Sundén's book "TIME-SPACE-OSCILLATION — The Hidden Mechanism behind Physics". The reader will note a significant resemblance in the world views of the two authors.

Ove Tedenstig
(Electrical Engineer)
From the Introduction to
"Matter Unified"
(Formerly called "A new way to physics")
Stockholm, 1998
ISBN 91-973340
Olof Sundén
(Chemical Engineer)
From the Introduction to
The Hidden mechanism behind Physics"
St Petersburg, 1999
ISBN 5-288-02367-0
The modern physics, in the way it has been developed during this century, has failed to clear up the epistemological crisis which was initiated by the rise of the theory of relativity and the quantum mechanics in the beginning of this century. ... The theories used mostly have produced empty and meaningless results with no chance of a deeper insight and understanding. Contemporary physics including the theory of Relativiy, Quantum Mechanics (QM) ... has ended up in a cul-de-sac, because we simply do not understand why it works. QM is an excellent bookkeeping exercise of energy and action transfers between separate particles, but like the bookkeeping of a commercial enterprise it does not give the slightest explanation of why the machinery works.
During a period of more than half a century, scientists in a desperate way have accepted ideas and conceptions to a great extent lacking support in the reality. The theoretical physics has degenerated to an exhausted state of chaos and confusion. Physics during the 20th century also developed into a very restricted science that only describes how nature responds to intentional human actions. It has, however, totally refrained from answereing the two most important questions, why Nature responds as it does and how it is constituted of elements, in order to be able to respond as it does.
One of the most known figures in the history of the modern science is Einstein with his theory of relativity. During a period of more than 90 years from now, this theory has contributed to nothing but caused much sweat and effort which could have been used for something better. Therefore, one condition of a further progress is that this theory is given up in favour to more constructive and fruitful ideas. Relativity ... contains many mental contradictions and inconsistencies ... critical viewpoints have been reduced to silence, obviously due to some prestigious side-interests, who want to emphasize the glory of Einstein and describe him as the true scientific genius.
To put concrete questions and claiming for concrete answers is regarded as a suspect activity which is treated with superiority and disdain. Unfortunately, the explanatory power of new perspectives, needed for inventions, is today not considered as merit, rather as a provocative threat.
The basic meaning is that nature not can be explained, just be scanty described. As a consequence of that many problems of very fundamental nature still lack answers. The beauty of the theories, their mystery and magics is more praised than its usefulness. ... equations, which made physicists with a mathematical bent so enthusiastic, that physics since then has to be described solely by the differential or tensor calculus ... belief of many scientists that their equations express the total truth, also hinder them from observing and recognizing phenomena outside the expected
Many speculations of the modern physics are so remarkable that they best would fit in the literature of science fiction. The theories live their own lives and their practicians have developed themselves to dreamers who have lost their foothold in reality. More and more they have removed from this reality they try to describe. Maths and equations expressing intensities are sufficient! ... Like many other inventive engineers, I have found math equations useless as a take-off for technical inventions ... Fundamentally new inventions require ductile concepts and geometric images. Mathematical equations ... are obstacles to fundamentally new inventions.
Fortunately, not everyone have been influenced by these destructive trends. In fact, our century is characterised by an enormous force of creativity within technics and applied science. The rational science, which of all others was suggested and applied by Newton and fully practised by engineers and technicians, over and over again has proved its power and usefulness. If we compare modern physics with chemistry, the difference with respect to their explanatory powers is profound. Chemistry not only describes how substances react with one another but also why... It is just such explanation that engineers and physicians need in order to make use of the physical science for technical and medical progresses.
In spite of that, the advocates of the modern physics have turned one's back to these simple and evident principles, replacing it by a barren speculative activity which only has offered ignorance and confusion. ... new technologies based on contemporary physical discoveries has been surprisingly rare during this century
A new way of thinking, breaking with these destructive trends must be created for making progress in physics. Everyone having a sound thinking and being interested in truth are exhorted to cooperate and work for such an evolution. We may therefore expect a new prosperous phase in physics, stimulating engineering and other practical sciences, as soon as physicists succeed in changing their present mathematical approach to a geometric and constitutional one with real explanitory power ... A new physical perspective of high explanitory power is ... urgently needed.

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