"The tragedy of common sense
it that it is not
very common."
(Albert Einstein)

"Politically correct Christianity
is tolerated but despised.
Full Gospel Christianity is
respected but persecuted."

"If you marry the Zeitgeist
you will soon become widow."

"To reach the source of a river
you must swim upstreams."
(Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)

"I note that all those,
who are positive to abortion
already are born."
(Ronald Reagan)

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Krister's Christian site

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

This page is dedicated to one person, Jesus Christ, who walked this earth some 2000 years ago. He had a wonderful mission; to save Man from his shackles of sin, sickness and death. And he had a great message; Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life.

It is difficult to remain neutral before the name of Jesus Christ. Something often observed is how the same people who contemptuously scoff at the Christian faith, in the same breath sit down and read today's horoscope, or get captivated by all sorts of occult phenomena. It almost seems as if people today are willing to believe in almost anything, except Jesus of the Bible. Once I heard someone on TV say that he certainly believed as much in Saida (a well-known, now deceased, soothsayer in Sweden) as in Jesus. Yet it is hardly Saida you call on when you are in distress or danger. When things really matter we know what matters.

How can it be that the name of Jesus is so controversial if he was just a kind-hearted, inoffensive philosopher and harmless teacher of wisdom and ethics, as many would argue? Could it be that Jesus really is who he says he is; God himself, come to earth to save Man from an untenable situation? Could it be that something within Man reacts strongly whenever Jesus is mentioned? Maybe something very sensitive is being touched upon?

If you want to know more about Christian faith, more than what you learnt in school, there is much to read on this page. In the links below, I try to provide answers to frequently asked questions about Christian faith and I am also trying to sort out various misconceptions. If you have objections or questions, please e-mail me.

(To translate from Hebrew or Greek or Aramaic to English always leads to compromises. To be able to read the Bible in its original languages, the only solution would be to become an expert on these languages yourself. This would avoid the problems of imperfect translations. Obviously this is not doable for most people. The next best thing is to have access to several different Bible translations and Commentaries on the Bible. By reading these, you will get a better picture of the depth and essence of what the Bible is trying to tell us.

Regarding manuscripts and their reliability, I discuss this in a variety of articles about the Bible's authenticity — see below.)

(As my English page is in its humble beginning, most of the links below are dead. Eventually, as more of my pages are translated to English, more and more links will become active. Working links below are in bold characters)

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