"The tragedy of common sense
it that it is not
very common."
(Albert Einstein)

"Politically correct Christianity
is tolerated but despised.
Full Gospel Christianity is
respected but persecuted."

"If you marry the Zeitgeist
you will soon become widow."

"To reach the source of a river
you must swim upstreams."
(Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)

"I note that all those,
who are positive to abortion
already are born."
(Ronald Reagan)

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Some very hot topics

— and other stuff that makes the adrenalin rush in your veins...

Have you ever been to a party where all were happy and joyful, and had a nice time, while you sat in a dark corner, feeling alone and depressed. Wouldn't it create a warm feeling of pleasure, if you could destroy that party for everyone else. I mean, what right do they have to be happy when you are unhappy? In this section you will find several useful topics, that I guarantee will transform the happy party guests to enraged beasts, who will try to tear one another to pieces. You only need to sow a small seed by mentioning that you support Israel or are critical towards free abortion, and the seed will grow inte a giant tree within minutes. That party will be spoken of for months afterwards. Believe me, I have tested!

There are topics which you are supposed not to discuss in Sweden. Well, you are allowed to talk about them under one condition, that all those present have the "correct" opinion (which is equivalent with the opinion entertained by Public Service — Governmental Radio and TV in Sweden — and the left-wing journalists who dominate our media). But woe unto those who are bearers of deviating opinions! It is interesting to note, that the threatening opinions are almost never refuted by arguments. Instead the politically correct intellectual "elite" accuses those who don't howl with the wolf pack for being unintelligent, ignorant and malicious. Which speaks for itself. When you run out of arguments, the only thing that remains is scorn, threats and hatred.

Some of the topics below only works on certain types of personalities. "Macintosh contra PC" is by now rather irrelevant, but I keep it for historical reasons. The topic "Long keeled or short keeled sailing yachts" presupposes that the party guests are interested in sailing and the optimal odds for ruining the party is if around half of the guests are interested in yacht racing while the rest prefer cruising. Then the desired result (fist fights and lifelong hostility) will be reached rather quickly.

Good luck with your attempts to create party disaster and discord! When the party is ruined you will most likely feel much better. Your depression will be gone when you look at your creation. Behold!

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