"The tragedy of common sense
it that it is not
very common."
(Albert Einstein)

"Politically correct Christianity
is tolerated but despised.
Full Gospel Christianity is
respected but persecuted."

"If you marry the Zeitgeist
you will soon become widow."

"To reach the source of a river
you must swim upstreams."
(Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)

"I note that all those,
who are positive to abortion
already are born."
(Ronald Reagan)

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My name is Krister Renard. I live in Lisbon, Portugal and am the owner of this homepage. During my active years I worked, among other things, as highschool teacher in mathematics and physics (in Sweden). Now I am a happy, retired person with 52 weeks of payed vacation each year. If you want to know more about who I am you can read here. I have written some books (in Swedish). You can read about them here. Some of my interests are airplanes, flight simulators, sailing, diving, physics, mathematics, music (opera and fado) and primary and not least, my Christian faith. In the menu, to the left, you will find articles, in which I discuss various interesting and partly controversial, and even "forbidden" topics. If you feel that your life is monotonous and boring, I recommend you to visit my "controversial page" called "Today's adrenalin rush". You will probably agree that time runs much faster when your adrenalin pumps around in your system, and it surely will, at least if you are an ordinary, politically correct citizen, who reads the mainstream newspapers och watches the "Six O'clock News" and believes that you there get a true and representative picture of the world in which you live.

I am sure you will find many different and even inspiring ideas and opinions if you spend some time browsning my pages. If you easily get angry and upset when you encounter opinions to which you strongly disagree, please read this before you continue.

If you would like to discuss or critisize my texts, please send me a mail.

Note: As my English home page is in its humble beginning, and few articles so far translated, most of the links are not working (or open my original article in Swedish). In the main pages for my different sections (reached from the left frame) working links will be marked in bold characters. You can always use Google translate if you want to read an article that is not yet translated (if you find the title of the article interesting).

The easiest way to get an overview of which articles are avaiable in English right now, is through "Contents" (in the left frame).

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